Envy: The cancer of social relations; that set of diseases that produces an excess of evil criticism towards the other person.
With its metastases, such as the invention and spread of false events, and its tumors, such as the subject’s internal rage, making sure that the other person is more advantageous than him in some respect, he ends up with him in horrible sufferings.
Without a possible cure for many dark-hearted subjects.
Possible cure for this terrible disease in other subjects: self-esteem.

  Author’s note: These metaphors and comparisons are about that, simple metaphors and comparisons.
Without any intention of offending the potential affected by this true and tremendous disease called cancer.
At no time is it about parodying or making fun of the disease called cancer.
Still apologize in advance in case anyone could feel offended.
All my respects for the disease and its affected.

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  Their amalgams of weaknesses, jealousy and prejudices were kneaded conscientiously and uniformly, trying to model and project on others, thousands of dummy and opaque figures, faithful reflections of their own defects and insecurities, with which to prevent the light of those stars from leaking on the mainland and illuminate and warm the rest of the beings that lived with them….
And so in their darkness, they intended to plunge more beings into the darkness, trying so that all their defects were not seen and, wandering blind, comforted by the absence of reflections in mirrors….
But they did not realize that no matter how much they tried to cover them, the stars were still up there, warming, lighting, wrapping everything with their radiant mantle of purity to the sound of the harmonic Nature….
Everything but those dark areas down there…; those little, cold and dark hearts.

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