Welcome and Biography

I present my new blog in WordPress starting by talking a little about me:

A voracious reader from an early age, he feels the instinctive desire to write in his teens, during specific occasions, but ceases in his exercise due to diverse social pressures. He is reunited with the writing and is seduced by it fully and without any hesitation, at the end of 2015, at which time he begins to compete in various official competitions.

After participating in more than twenty contests, he managed to win the 1st prize of the XXII Love Letters Contest City of Bailén in 2016, thanks to his poetic prose entitled To you, donating the amount in cash to the environmental association AMECO, in Jaén (Spain).

He alternates his current job as Corporal Specialist of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) with the management of his Facebook page Miguel A. Cabanes and his blog dedicated to diverse and casual topics: research articles, documentation on fauna and flora, gastronomic criticisms, stock market studies, etc., at Steemit.

He is briefly interviewed by M80 radio and Onda Cero (both based in Jaén) on the occasion of the aforementioned award; he is interviewed in the Andando y viendo program of Radio Godella, in the 98.0FM and collaborates, reading various writings as a guest artist, in the program of the same name, this once for Radio Bétera, at 107.9FM.

He does not lose the illusion to write, finding himself in continuous learning and seeing writing as an invaluable asset that we must preserve.

Some of his other current hobbies are classical singing, with which he has spent a year and a half of private lessons under the teaching of a locally recognized soprano, and the piano, with respect to which he is beginning to receive classes, for a couple of months .


Thank you to all the readers who have followed me during these years; in this regard I clarify that I will continue to maintain the aforementioned blogs both in Facebook  and Steemit.


Greetings to my readers!